Chill - Cold Plunge Timer - App

Chill - Cold Plunge Timer - App

Chill - Cold Plunge Timer


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  Seller:    Anda Blandu   App Size:    2.77 MB  Category: Health & Fitness Utilities
  App Release Date:    26 / May / 2023   Curr Version Release Date:    26 / May / 2023   App Price:    Free
  App Min Version:    16.4   App Version:    1.0   App Adult Rating:    4+
  Is Game CenterEnabled:     App Developer:    Anda Blandu  App Bundle Id:    Andaz.ChillApp
 Currency:    USD   App iPhone Compatibility:    Requires iOS 16.4 or later  App Kind:    Software

App Description

Introducing CHILL - COLD PLUNGE TIMER, the ultimate companion for your cold plunge sessions. Designed to enhance your cold immersion experience, this app offers a range of powerful features to help you optimize your practice and achieve your desired results. Stay in control of your cold plunges with precision timing. "Chill" allows you to set customized durations for your sessions, ensuring you get the most out of each plunge. Whether you prefer shorter bursts or longer, more challenging immersions, the app adapts to your needs. Experience the power of guided box breathing right at your fingertips. "Chill" provides a built-in breathing exercise to support your cold plunge sessions. Sync your breath with the on-screen guidance, allowing you to calm your mind, enhance focus, and optimize your body's response to the cold. Never miss a beat with the app's chime feature. Every 30 seconds, a gentle chime reminds you to stay present and connected during your cold plunge. This rhythmic reminder helps you maintain your pace and make the most of your session. As your cold plunge comes to an end, "Chill" guides you through a final countdown. With a clear and concise visual display, the app counts down the last ten seconds, ensuring a seamless transition out of the cold and into the next phase of your day. "Chill" is your dedicated cold plunge companion, crafted to help you unlock the numerous benefits of cold immersion. Whether you're seeking physical recovery, mental clarity, or a boost of energy, this app empowers you to take charge of your cold plunges and make every session count. Discover the transformative potential of cold immersion with "Chill - Cold Plunge Timer" today and embark on a journey of resilience, focus, and personal growth.

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