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Photo Organista - App

Photo Organista


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App Information

  Seller:    Bristol Bay Code Factory Limited   App Size:    7.20 MB  Category: Photo & Video Graphics & Design
  App Release Date:    24 / May / 2023   Curr Version Release Date:    24 / May / 2023   App Price:    $14.99
  App Min Version:    16.3   App Version:    1.0   App Adult Rating:    4+
  Is Game CenterEnabled:     App Developer:    Bristol Bay Code Factory Limited  App Bundle Id:
 Currency:    USD   App iPhone Compatibility:    Requires iOS 16.3 or later  App Kind:    Software

App Description

PhotoOrganista is a flexible, fast and affordable photo asset manager for both your Mac and iPad, enabling you to organise, explore and manage large portfolio of photos, without dictating a particular workflow or busting your wallet.  Archive and back-up your images: - Import photos from over 650 digital camera RAW formats, JPEG, HEIC, PNG and TIFF files, plus Fuji Compressed Raw* - Store photos held in your own folders, or sit back and let PhotoOrganista do the archiving for you saving the images either in the Portfolio or your iCloud storage - Enjoy easy-to-use tools for back-up, renaming and metadata updates during import Organise using a set of flexible tools: - Effortlessly create stacks of photos with intuitive drag-and-drop - Rapidly rate and colour tag with a single click - Assign projects and add user-tags, which you can organise into hierarchies for powerful group searches Search and explore your archive: - Quickly find and select photos using any combination of projects, tags, filters, quickpicks, snap filters and global text search - Easily build up powerful search filters, constructed from any metadata - Build up library of frequently used searches and light table layouts View and update photo metadata: - Access over 85 photo properties, - Enjoy dedicated entries for professional photographers and those working with analog film cameras - Exploit powerful methods to edit, bulk update and check consistency of your photo metadata, without touching the original files Visualise metadata using our innovative bar charts and pivot tables - Group ISO, aperture, shutter speeds, focal lengths and subject distance values into bands to better see patterns - Study your work to help choose and buy the right gear, improve technique, spot patterns and much more... Enjoy a high level of personalisation, including: - Colour and layout - Keyboard shortcuts - Tool visibility - Custom quickpick drill-down, field options and much more Support: Privacy: Terms of use: * Please note that while PhotoOrganista can import Fuji Compressed Raw files and show thumbnails, it is unable to display full resolution previews

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iPad Pro Sixth Gen Cellular
iPad Pro Sixth Gen
iPad Pro11 Fourth Gen Cellular
iPad Pro11 Fourth Gen
iPad Tenth Gen Cellular
iPad Tenth Gen
iPad Air Fifth Gen Cellular
iPad Air Fifth Gen
iPad Ninth Gen Cellular
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