Tares -- Wordle Analyzer - App

Tares -- Wordle Analyzer - App

Tares -- Wordle Analyzer


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  Seller:    Matthew Kupinski   App Size:    2.34 MB  Category: Games Word Entertainment
  App Release Date:    16 / Mar / 2023   Curr Version Release Date:    28 / Mar / 2023   App Price:    $3.99
  App Min Version:    16.0   App Version:    1.1   App Adult Rating:    4+
  Is Game CenterEnabled:     App Developer:    Matthew Kupinski  App Bundle Id:    MKEngineering.Tares
 Currency:    USD   App iPhone Compatibility:    Requires iOS 16.0 or later  App Kind:    Software

Whats New

Updated the toolbar to allow clearing the board and analyzing the current board.

App Description

"Tares – Wordle Analyzer" is NOT a Wordle game; it is a Wordle-board analyzer. This App takes the current state of your board and determines the top choices for your next move.   Improve your Wordle score! Learn new strategies for playing the game and learn new vocabulary at the same time! How does it work? TARES uses the priniple of maximum entropy under the assumption that each remaining possible word has an equal probability of being the correct word. TARES determines the choice that will reveal the most information given the current state of the board. What do the percentages mean? They are your percent knowlege gained by guessing the corresponding word. If it reads 100%, then you are guaranteed that this guess will reveal the correct answer. Smaller values indicate less informative guesses. Is it always correct to choose the optimal word? No. The editor who chooses the Wordle words tends to choose common words that people know. The dictionary of over 14,000 acceptable Wordle words has *lots* of uncommon words. The best strategy is to review the top choices and choose one that you know and is a fairly common word. Is this cheating? Let's consider it "training." What's the name mean? The name of this app is TARES because it has been shown by this code as well as others to be the optimal first guess in Wordle. Tares is actually a type of weed that looks a lot like wheat when not fully grown.

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