Legend of Keepers - App

Legend of Keepers - App

Legend of Keepers


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  Seller:    Playdigious   App Size:    663.48 MB  Category: Games Strategy Role Playing
  App Release Date:    23 / May / 2023   Curr Version Release Date:    24 / May / 2023   App Price:    $6.99
  App Min Version:    13.0   App Version:    1.02   App Adult Rating:    12+
  Is Game CenterEnabled:    1  App Developer:    Playdigious  App Bundle Id:    com.playdigious.legendofkeepers
 Currency:    USD   App iPhone Compatibility:    Requires iOS 13.0 or later  App Kind:    Software

Whats New

Enjoy Legend of Keepers now available on mobile! RELEASE NOTE Changes: - Display "None" in the archivist when there's no description for traps - Display "Empty" in the inventory window when there's no monster in garnison or no trap in stock - Savegames name are always translated now Bugfixes: - Can't press UP on controller on some part of the main menu - Not all text is changed when switching language

App Description

Have you ever wanted to become the villain of a story? Legend of Keepers is a mix between rogue-lite and dungeon management, where you play as a dungeon manager hiring monsters and building traps to defeat the heroes coming for your gold. Well, the Dungeons Company is looking for its new Boss and needs you to protect their treasures! You have to experience every company’s struggles in this fantasy workspace simulation, from sick leaves to strikes, and manage your team to run the most impenetrable dungeon! In this "reverse-Darkest Dungeon", climb the corporate ladder and optimize your strategy to become the most fearsome (and, perhaps, respected) boss in dungeon history! Main Features - Deal with the trials of corporate life: mix and match your roster of bloodthirsty employees to stay on top of the dungeon business - Don’t play nice for once: be the bad guy and make those smug heroes pay with your mischievous strategies - Manage your resource budget: On top of morale, gold, blood, and tears must be spent wisely in this economy. Being bad never looked this good: see your enemies perish in drop-dead gorgeous animations. Watch out for stains! - Diversify your management styles: Play as 3 dungeon masters - each with their own abilities and recruits - through various campaigns CAREFULLY REDESIGNED FOR MOBILE - Revamped interface - Game Center achievements - iCloud - Share your progress between iOS devices - Compatible with MFicontrollers - No microtransactions!

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