iWallpaper - Live Wallpaper - App

iWallpaper - Live Wallpaper - App

iWallpaper - Live Wallpaper


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  Seller:    xiao dong zhou   App Size:    1.42 MB  Category: Utilities Entertainment
  App Release Date:    07 / Mar / 2021   Curr Version Release Date:    24 / Mar / 2022   App Price:    Free
  App Min Version:    10.15   App Version:    1.1.2   App Adult Rating:    17+
  Is Game CenterEnabled:     App Developer:    xiao dong zhou  App Bundle Id:    com.macosgame.iwallpaper
 Currency:    USD   App iPhone Compatibility:    Requires iOS 10.15 or later  App Kind:    Mac-software

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App Description

[Perfect compatibility] Supports independent control of up to 6 or more monitors, each monitor can have a virtual space, and there is no upper limit for the supported screens! Support 4 kinds of display ratios, standard, vertical screen, 21:9 and 32:9. The live wallpaper follows the monitor, disconnecting the external monitor will not automatically drift to another screen, each monitor has its own completely independent settings. The top menu bar is perfectly integrated, no matter whether it is booting, shutting down, logging in or logging out, the simultaneous use of multiple monitors and multiple virtual spaces will not be affected. Intuitive display real-time preview and selection, real-time display display preview, real-time check the appropriate proportion, distribution structure, rotation direction and setting effect according to the display. 【Technical Features】 Using advanced Apple Cloudkit technology, it does not link any other domain names except Cloudkit, and there is no need to log in to the application after logging in to iCloud. Adapt to Apple silicon, higher efficiency. 【Energy Strategy】 The advanced occlusion algorithm ensures that it must be dynamic when it can be seen, and static when it cannot be seen. Support battery-powered static energy saving and power saving. Support low-power static energy saving, save power as needed. 【Hot Ranking】 According to the heat of use, the hottest ranking and real-time data update According to the release time, the latest ranking and real-time data update Powerful wallpaper classification search engine, classification filtering, quickly find your favorite. 【share happiness】 Everyone can submit wallpapers to share with others. Wallpapers are constantly updated, there are new wallpapers every day, and new happiness every day. You can collect wallpapers and roam the entire series of Macs without logging in, allowing you to enjoy the fun of live wallpapers. The author is a loyal Mac user, more new features, new wallpapers, continue to be online... -contact us- You are welcome to provide feedback in the app, and we will handle every feedback and comment. Buy once forever! permanent! permanent! Unlock all wallpapers! Follow the author and learn about the latest situation! https://space.bilibili.com/43521885 https://twitter.com/rhljiayou

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